Sam Coleman, Broker, GRI/CRS

October 2021

The Unbelievable Market Marches On

To say the market is at a “frenzied pace” would be an understatement. In my 20+ years in real estate, I’ve not experienced anything like the current market. If you have buyers, (which I am fortunate to have several), one has to watch for new listings going on the market at least four times per day. If you see a home that might meet the buyers specifications, schedules have to be arranged so we can see it the first day of showings. Networking between agents both in my firm and my sphere of influence within the real estate community has never been so critical. With these connections, it helps to learn about listings that are going, but not yet, on the market. The advance notice allows buyers to drive by the property to see external matters, while I spend time learning about the home from previous listing information. And, if trying to see a home the first day on the market, the showings are typically limited to a 30 minute period. Advance preparation, in anticipation of making an offer is also essential. With one of my buyer clients, the wife is not yet working (but plans to once the family of five moves into a home), so she and I clear our calendars to see listings and, if we believe the husband might be interested, we queue him up to see it by the end of the day. We have now written offers on four different properties, none of which have resulted in a successful closing. We will continue the system of checking MLS at least four times per day to see if any new listing is on the market. Read More…
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