Sam Coleman, Broker, GRI/CRS

January 2022

The New Year is off to a Great Start

Not wanting to date myself, but I have 22 years in real estate. During these years I have met and worked with many delightful individuals, many of whom went on to become very faithful and loyal clients - often referring me to new clients. And, during this same period I, and my clients, have gone through several cycles of the changing market - even weathering the storm of a recession. However the current period of intensity has been unparalleled – some would even say historic. The general economy in our area has flourished in spite of a global pandemic which has led to supply chain issues and the cost of thousands of lives due to the Coronavirus. While I am not oblivious to areas of our country where things are not so well, I am well aware of how robust and driven our local economy has been. To illustrate the tenacity of the market, I am sharing the progress of two different buyers who are both actively in the search for new homes.
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