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Give advice and counsel.  Frequently, I warn clients "if you don't want my opinion, don't ask". I speak my mind and advise clients as if it were my own personal transaction, but I do want my clients to feel empowered to make their own informed decisions. On rare occasions, I have shared with a client that "in my humble opinion, you may not be making the right decision - but it is up to you" Typically, that allows for open dialogue about my experience and observations which might be helpful to the client. 

Help with the Buyer question of "where do I want to live.”  With the growth of Middle Tennessee, an integral part of my work is helping folks moving here to understand salient issues, such as traffic patterns, neighborhoods, schools, entertainment, shopping, leisure time activities (hiking exploring, boating, skeet shooting), and projected growth patterns that could affect housing and/or commuting.

Explain the Real Estate process.  While I am typically involved in >25 Real Estate transactions per year, many clients only do this a few times in a lifetime. My job is to explain the process, options, bring in resources that offer insight learned with my past experiences and transactions.

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