Sam Coleman, Broker, GRI/CRS

Seller’s Guide

Steps to Selling

Prepare the home for market - staging, decluttering, dressing up or simplifying the current décor so the property shows in tip-top condition.  

Explain the process - the jargon, the technical language, the timing of events, the major hurdles, and the need for legal involvement when necessary.

Pricing and marketing strategy - the most important decision a Seller can make is pricing the property. Too high of a price and the home sits for weeks with multiple showings and no offers. Too low of a price might mean that money is left on the table. 

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing - networking with other agents both inside and outside of my firm, deciding on advertising resources, using a complete array of digital efforts to publicize the property, arranging showings, answering questions of other agents or potential buyers. 

Advising and explain offers - while the process may be the same in each situation there are always nuances to how one should proceed. 

Negotiating - while the client always make the ultimate decision about any transaction, my role is often to explain and develop nuances of the best way to proceed, resulting in a successful transaction. 

In all matters, one of my favorite mantras is to remind people that my job is staying calm when all others around are losing theirs.

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