Sam Coleman, Broker, GRI/CRS

May 2020

These are Challenging and Humbling Times

With the last edition of this newsletter all of us were just becoming adjusted to the “new norm” of corona virus -19. As of this writing, Mayor Cooper has approved for our city to move to Phase 2 of Re-Opening Nashville based upon demographic data. Moving to this phase does allow for more freedoms, but still places significant restrictions on personal interactions for business as well as individual lives. Hopefully, our city and our nation will see life return to normal, but post- COVID-19 life could mean a new norm for all of us. For example, working from home has always seemed like a dream for many. But for me, I actually miss the interactions with my colleagues at the office including the tidbits/leads that one often picks up just from being in a regular/normal office space. And Phillip and I are slowly learning how to work in the same office at our home. We have always had matching partners' desks facing each other - which is a good idea aesthetically, but on a semi-permanent basis it can be taxing. He wears a headset for his conversations while I have ear buds for my use so that we can conduct simultaneous work conversations.
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